If a collection agency is trying to collect a debt that you have already paid, or you don’t feel you owe, you have the right to dispute the debt. By disputing a debt, you’re telling the creditor and the debt collection agency that you don’t feel you owe the debt and that you wish for the matter to be taken to court for resolution.

To dispute the debt, you must notify both the collection agency and the initial creditor in writing, you can also use our online form to contact the collection agency. Send your written notification to both parties in a way that gives you proof of delivery, such as registered mail, fax, or email. Keep copies for your records. Give the collection agency three to five to process your request.

If the calls continue after a few business days, keep track of the incoming calls. You can do that by getting copies of your phone records, taking pictures of your call display or other methods. Contact us directly for the next steps.

To notify the creditor you must use the printable form from consumer protection below.

Notify a collection agency or the creditor that you are disputing the debt  (printable form)

Notify a collection agency that you are disputing the debt  (online form – to use this form you must have the collection agency’s email).